Uakari Lodge + Amazon Emotions

The Amazon is a giant and diverse biome. It has Terra Firme (upland) forests and Flooded Forests. It has waterfalls and a plain where the horizon is lost. There are communities that are predominantly agricultural and there are communities where fishing predominates.


There is a hotel above the treetops and a hotel that floats on a river curve. When choosing this experience you do not need to decide on one of the options of each sentence, as you will know not one, but two incredible and very different places in the Amazon!

Our special programs include boat and private specialized guides, flexible schedules and tours and a bottle of wine per night.

>>>>>> Day 01

Transfer Manaus - Amazon Emotions. Enjoy a waterfall. Check in. Reconnaissance tour in the surroundings.

amazon emotion e uakari lodge.jpg

>>>>>> Day 02

Interpretative trail on Dryland Forest. In the afternoon jugle picnic and hammock camping

amazon emotion - uakari lodge.jpg

>>>>>> Day 03

Wild Edible Mushroom Foraging in the morning. Chck out in the afternoon.


>>>>>> Day 04

Flight Manaus - Tefé. Transfer Tefé - Uakari Lodge. Check-in and lunch. After rest, first tour: interpretive trail or boat. Dinner. Institutional presentation.


>>>>>> Day 05

Morning visit to a riverside community. Lunch and rest. Track or rowing canoe. Dinner. Night tour (trail or boat).


>>>>>> Day 06

Departure to the trail or canoe in the morning. Lunch and rest. Boat ride on Lake Mamirauá and night drive on the return. Dinner and free night.


>>>>>> Day 07

Departure for traditional piranha fishing in the morning. Lunch and rest. In the afternoon, trail or canoe. Dinner. Meeting with researcher.


>>>>>> Day 08




Breakfast at 6:15 am and check-out. Transfer to Tefé at 7:00 am.




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