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treat your dad with an Uakari Lodge experience!

This month we celebrate, here in Brazil, Father's Day and we will give you some ideas of what experiences you can enjoy together here at Uakari Lodge.

feet of father and son walking through the forest

Father's Day is coming and the search for a gift that is symbolic and that makes him happy has already begun!

A period also of reflection on parenting. Currently, they are very closely watched and placed under suspicion, with the intention that they rethink and take care of their masculinity, re-signifying their practices in the responsibility of taking care of their children.

Being a father, in contemporary times, is understanding that you have to be kinder to yourself. Deconstructing what is believed to be a “good man” is essential for your own mental health, and thus, developing good relationships with people and the world.

In this new era of liberation of affectivity, nothing fairer than celebrating by going through transforming experiences.

Keep scrolling for three Uakari Lodge experiences that you and your dad - and so many others - will never forget!

susnset at Uakari Lodge

4 nights

In this experience, you will get to know the different habitats of the floodplain, the interior of the forest, on some of our 14 trails (walking, at the peak of the drought and aboard a canoe, in the flooded season).

There will be moments of contemplation of the landscape and animals on the boat trips. They will also visit a riverside community and attend lectures with ecotourism advisors and researchers.

The differential of having one more night (than in the case of spending only 3 nights) is the possibility of a night tour (on a trail or boat depending on the time of year)!

Read the detailed schedule of the 4 night experience here.

hand next to the mark on the ground of jaguar paws

In The Footprints of Henry Bates

This experience suits those who like to walk around (and still have a bottle of wine a night)! Henry Bates was an English naturalist who resided in the Amazon for 11 years.

In his field notebooks, he wrote that an exotic red-faced white monkey lived in this locality. Fascinated by this account, primatologist Márcio Ayres landed in the village where Bates had lived more than 100 years ago, with the mission of finding and studying these primates. He ended up not only finding them, but following in the footsteps of Bates, who left a very important legacy for science and conservation, which you can get to know in depth when choosing this experience.

Read the detailed schedule of the In The Footprints of Henry Bates experience here.

jaguar in Mamirauá

Jaguar Expedition

Uakari Lodge is very proud to offer this program, a pioneering initiative that combines tourism, conservation and scientific dissemination for guests and community members around a threatened species, the jaguar (Panthera onca).

The largest feline in the Americas is truly a fascinating animal and visitors who opt for this experience will have the opportunity to attest to this by observing behaviors that have only been recorded in the Mamirauá floodplain and through contact with one of the specialist researchers in Amazonian felines at the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve (which will accompany all departures).

Read the detailed schedule of the In The Footprints of Henry Bates experience here.

Remembering that there is also the possibility of customizing an experience that suits you!

Check out our other experiences here.

See you all soon ;)


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