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4 inspiring places in the Mamirauá Reserve

It is recurrent and recommended to take a deep breath in a calm and clear environment such as the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve. Inspiring in contact with nature also renews the mind to reconnect, a “process that causes something to be born in the heart, in the spirit, in the thought” (Dicio - Portuguese Online Dictionary).

Ending a year that brought intense emotions, many see it as an opportunity for reflection. With these 4 inspiring places in the Mamirauá Reserve, we will demonstrate how essential this break is!

1. Lake Mamirauá

Lago Mamirauá is located in the heart of the reserve, being a complex ecosystem of lakes, lagoons, islands, restingas, chavascals, paranás and many other formations, which remain 7 to 15 meters underwater for six months of the year. Known as a nursery, it is of great importance for the maintenance of Amazonian species.

Lake to live beautiful moments! A good time is to see the sunset with its vibrant colors reflected in the water with the possibility of seeing different species of animals that pass through there.

2. Banks of the Solimões and Japurá rivers

Connected by the Paraná do Aranapu, the region of the confluence between the Solimões and Japurá rivers is marked by the meeting of the waters of the Japurá river, which are clear, contrasting with those of the Solimões, which are muddy.

The Solimões River is of vital importance in the life and economy of the population of northern Brazil (transport, commerce and leisure) and is also a national heritage, while the Japura is its tributary.

3. Spotting porpoises (Inia geoffrensis)

Many who visit Uakari Lodge are surprised by the number of river dolphins that can be seen in the Mamirauá Reserve. Your breaths of air during breathing announce your passage.

The pink color is due to the numerous fine blood capillaries under the skin and is more prominent in males, probably a way of showing good health to females. This is probably how this animal's fame as a flirt in folklore originated. In the beliefs of traditional peoples, the dolphin transforms into a handsome, well-dressed man (he is always wearing a hat so that no one can see the breathing hole on top of his head) and seduces riverside girls.

Unfortunately, it is on the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) as “endangered”, with its most recurrent cause of death being trapped in fishing nets.

4. Riverside communities

The Amazon rainforest carries in the imagination of many people, only the extraordinary natural beauty. There is also the beauty of the people who live there, who have knowledge about the dynamics of nature, a sense of collaboration and a lot of creativity!

A very special exchange takes place in the encounter with the riverside people: the stories that each one has to tell have ancestral wisdom, shared with the visitors with affection.

The culture of the riverside dwellers permeates their day-to-day activities, which reveal themselves in food, handicrafts, and home remedies based on plants from their small swidden. Being able to observe and participate in the dynamics of these people's lives makes it possible to exchange experiences and reconnect with oneself, self-knowledge.

A short list in front of several other places in the region that allow exchanges, connections and affection!

Pictures of: Gui Gomes.


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