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Meet Raí, the black jaguar from Mamirauá that you can meet on our Scientific Expedition

The Mamirauá Institute's Research Group for Ecology and Conservation of Felines in the Amazon captured a male black jaguar as part of efforts to protect this species at near risk of extinction.

Recently, the team of researchers from the GP Ecology and Conservation of Felines in the Amazon at the Mamirauá Institute captured a male black jaguar as part of research to protect this species at near risk of extinction according to the "Red List" of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature - IUCN.

The capture aims to study, among other parameters, the behavior of the jaguar population at Mamirauá Reserve. As we have already written here, jaguars at Mamirauá have a unique behavior for the species: they inhabit the canopy of trees for a few months of the year, since the entire area of the conservation unit is flooded during a time of year - characteristic of the forest. of floodplain that make up Mamirauá.

It is from this behavior and the research related to the conservation of the species at Mamirauá that Uakari Lodge developed, together with the scientists of the Research Group in Ecology and Conservation of Felines, the Jaguar Expedition.

Jaguar Expedition was created in 2014 and included studies developed by Pedro Nassar, coordinator of the Mamirauá Institute's Community-Based Tourism Program. Pedro wrote his master's dissertation on the impacts of this program for the Uakari Lodge, the Mamirauá Reserve, the local communities, the research group and, most importantly, the impacts on the species.

In 2022 Jaguar Expedition takes place on 03 dates: June 13th to 17th, June 20th to 24th and June 27th to July 01st. There are only 12 lucky visitors who will have the privilege of accompanying this scientific tourism program, in which seeing the jaguar in its natural habitat is just the beginning of a vast experience of interaction with some of the most important feline researchers in Brazil, the conductors of the entire process.

And finally, most importantly: 100% of the profit from this program is intended to finance conservation strategies for this species in the Mamirauá Reserve region. There's still time, let's go with us on this incredible adventure?


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