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5 destinations that show the different facets of the Amazon

Meet who is making a difference by bringing together sustainable development and tourism.

The biodiversity of the largest forest in the world still arouses the curiosity of many. The importance of the Amazon lies in its function of regulating the planet's climate and maintaining its plants and animals. Its mystery happens when one has the knowledge of the infinity of existing species and of those that are not yet known. On average, 01 new species is discovered per day, according to Mamirauá Institute and WWF.

The increase in the interest and participation of the world population, in actions of conscious consumption and sustainability, has encouraged tourism in the Amazon region and has been an ally for raising awareness of the conservation and preservation of the biome.

As it is a sensitive area, not always easily accessible, it is essential that visitors hire specialized services, which are committed to reducing environmental impacts, which can occur when tourism is not well planned.

Its diversity always enables innovative experiences. Unique and unforgettable moments for visitors, as they are immersed in the Amazon rainforest and its riverside culture, as well as participating in activities that combine science with local knowledge.

A sample of the facets of the Amazon is in these 5 destinations:

1. Alter do Chão

The small village of Santarém, in Pará, is known for its fresh, warm and crystal clear water beach. Alter do Chão enchants with its experiences of local gastronomy, cultural and folkloric events.

Find out more on Instagram: @vivejarexperiencias.

Foto: Walter Fonseca

2. Amazon Emotions

For those who want to get closer to wildlife in a more remote area, off the beaten path of the Amazon rainforest, without giving up comfort and safety, Amazon Emotions, one of the companies accredited by ICMBio, offers Glamping - the combination of glamor and camping.

A camp with more comfort and infrastructure. An experience designed to be intimate. Get to know the local culture, its knowledge and flavors in its time.

Find out more on Instagram: @amazonemotions.

Foto: Divulgação/Amazon Emotions

3. Haliti Paresi

protection of traditional and original cultures, contributing to the financial autonomy of these communities.

The indigenous people of the Haliti Paresi people from the Serras Guerreiras de Tapuruquara, on the Rio Negro, where they have lived for thousands of years, are the protagonists who guide visitors through their millenary territory and ways of life.

Find out more on Instagram: @garupa_ong.

Foto: Erik Lopes

4. Pico da Neblina

An intense, strong and complex trekking experience in the Sacred Mountain of the Yanomami.

The highest mountain in Brazil, located in Serra do Imeri, welcomes visitors through ecotourism activities managed by the Yanomami.

Known for being a place where you can see the flights of several species of birds from the Amazon region.

Find out more on Instagram: @ambiental_turismo e @roraimaadventures.

Foto: Divulgação/Jornalista Marcos Santos

5. Uakari Lodge

Our floating structures could not be left out of this list. At the confluence of the Rio Solimões and Japurá, the largest wetland in the world, were built for the least environmental impact on the natural environment, while offering comfort to their guests.

Uakari Logde, from Instituto Mamirauá, is the first Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) implemented in Brazil, with the purpose of encouraging and studying practices for the sustainable use of resources.

The activities offered to guests are linked to local and scientific knowledge. Exclusive tours to learn about the region's history and way of life and wildlife.

Find out more on Instagram: @uakarilodge.


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