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Uakari Lodge, Local Tourist Guides e Environmental Education

Uakari Lodge tour guides are agents of Environmental Education, promoting the sustainable development of the Amazon rainforest by sharing their knowledge with our visitors.

tourists sailing by boat in the amazon

Photo: Lucas Ramus.

Education is the most important good that society can obtain. Through it, we share the knowledge necessary to create and recreate the world among its groups.

With the advent of the modern world, with the fragmentation of life (the moment of working, the moment of being with family, the moment of creating romantic bonds, the moment of leisure...) knowledge was ramified and, currently, we know it as: physical education, nutritional education, financial education, literary education, among many others.

This happened with the gathering of knowledge about nature, still very far from aligning with the busy routine of this contemporary world: Environmental Education emerged. In this attempt to remind us of our duty to take care of the environment to provide a healthy future for the next generations.

Here we take the basis of Environmental Education, sustainability, to all activities at Uakari Lodge - and the moment of the tour with our guides is heart-warming <3

We spoke to Hilson, one of our locals guides, to tell us more about his relationship with the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve and what it's like to share knowledge of the forest with our visitors.

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local guide using binoculars from uakari lodge

Photo: Luke Radcliff.

Discovering a destination with a Local Guide makes all the difference: in-depth knowledge about the place you live in brings unique information to tourists about history, culture, gastronomy and even practical details to avoid.

“We make tourists' tours more fascinating - taking them to the best tours that the inn offers and passing on our knowledge through curious local stories. And, of course, let our visitors leave wanting to come back!”

Acquiring knowledge is a very intimate process, yet it yearns for the other, the collective. We learn through personal experiences and feel that it should be shared - just as Hilson told us: guiding becomes a good time to exchange experiences.

Being a Local Guide allowed Hilson to learn a lot. One of them to “respect nature and the lives that live in it”. He believes that by talking about taking care of these lives it contributes to raising awareness about preserving the environment and, in this way, our visitors raise awareness among other people wherever they go.

“Local Guides are people who live and work vigorously in every part of the place. In addition to showing nature, they teach how to take care of that environment - they are not just there to show what life is like in nature, but to say how much we need that place, how much we need people who look at nature with a view of peace and love. Because it’s a magical place for me!”

local guide from Uakari Lodge studying the land in the amazon

Photo: Bernardo Olieira.

Can you imagine how pleasurable it is to go through new experiences presented by a Local Guide?

In regular Uakari Lodge programs (03, 04 and 07 nights) you will be accompanied by a Bilingual Guide and led by a Local Guide.

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