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🇬🇧 A great year is coming at Mamirauá Reserve!

Complete renovation of our infrastructure, new website, new programs in operation … 2021 will be a great year for Uakari Lodge!

We are happy to be able to go through this complex year being healthy healthy and able to prepare news for our return to operations in 2021.

As we have already reported on several channels, Uakari Lodge will remain closed until March 15, 2021, out of respect for your safety but mainly for the safety of our project’s partner communities.

On this date we will complete 01 year without a single guest. As you can imagine, this is a great challenge for personnel and financial management – and so we decided to invest this time in new experiences for you to get to know the heart of the Amazon with even more comfort and with unprecedented experiences.


A new lodge is coming!

A dream is coming true in 2021: we are undergoing a complete renovation to provide more comfort to our guests! All the external infrastructure is being renovated and the rooms have been remodeled.

Our battery bank for solar energy storage will be replaced, ensuring even more comfort for everyone. And we will even change the main colours of the lodge – how about we now use a “Amazon Green”? 💚💚💚

All this new infrastructure will be available to you from March – make your reservation now!


New Website!

Our website is being remodeled so that the experience lived in Mamirauá Reserve begins even before you leave home: many videos, unpublished images and all the details of the Uakari Lodge programs available in an even more interactive way.


New programs in action! 

In 2021 we will operate the new programs at Uakari Lodge, including the unprecedented “In the Footprints of Henry Bates”, retracing the steps of the British naturalist who visited the area in the middle of the 19th century.

A program that includes nights in Tefé and many tours of this historic city, the heart of the Brazilian Amazon.


Credits: Adam Preiss, Roswand Engenharia, Gui Gomes, Edu Coelho


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