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check out the new look of Forest House (Casa da Mata)

The Forest House has undergone renovation and is now available for you to discover its new face through the Uakari Lodge experiences.

the Forest House at Uakari Lodge immersed in the Amazon rainforest

Foto: Lucas Ramos.

We came to update you: the Forest House has just undergone renovation and is ready to receive you! Over here, in Portuguese, we call it “Casa da Mata”.

For those who don't know it yet, our tree house is located in the middle of the forest, inviting you to an intimate moment with nature.

There you have a complete immersion experience in nature - you sleep and wake up in this high stilt structure, at the level of the treetops. You can hear the sounds of the birds and that calming noise of insects - if you're lucky you'll be able to spot these and other animals, ideal for those looking for an experience to record every detail of your dream trip!

We brought you what our guest Andrea felt about this experience, check it out:

"What a delight to remember my moment at the Forest House. At first I was apprehensive, but when I met the guide who would accompany me, Marinho, and learned about his expertise, I felt calm. The little house in the woods gave me a moment of immersion in the forest night where I felt safe, comfortable and happy. The experience is unique, magical and beautiful. I spent a charming night, observing a beautiful starry sky, listening to the singing of countless birds and the sounds of different animals. I relaxed with the calm that the night gave me.
I loved hearing my silence amidst the beautiful racket of the animals. Thanks!"

Take a look at the photos :)

So cute, isn't it? Talk to us to know this and others experiences ;)


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