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🇬🇧 We are fully renovated! We rebuild our structure to provide you even more comfort

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We are living such good times at Uakari Lodge! In addition to the resumption of operations, which began on August 15, Uakari Lodge has completed a long-awaited renovation. We took advantage of the (long!) 18 months closed due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, to protect our partner communities, to invest in our renovation and maintenance of common spaces, rooms and our entire solar energy generation system, which was planned in partnership with the Federal University of Pará - UFPA for greater energy efficiency.

Uakari Lodge has just completed a 18-month long renovation!

In this renovation, we invested approximately R$800,000.00 to guarantee an increasingly safe structure and even more comfortable rooms. The ambiance is even more charming and your experience, which was already unforgettable, now becomes more pleasant. And the best part: without transferring these costs to your rate. Uakari Lodge remains one of the most fair value jungle hotels on the market. All of this with our renowned and award-winning socio-environmental responsibility.

See below some of the photos of our resumption of work this August and the infrastructure, renewed for you <3

Photos of our infrastructure, fully renovated for your comfort.

Get in touch with us and start planning your visit to the heart of the Brazilian Amazon!


Images: Lucas Ramos.


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