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At Uakari Lodge, tourism and science have always been united for the conservation of Mamirauá

All our visitors have at least one moment of interaction with the researchers who work in the region - and they help them to continue working for socio-environmental conservation.

You may have already noticed that we at Uakari Lodge are very proud to say that we truly combine tourism and sustainable development. One of the most important aspects of our responsible tourism speech is the proximity between tourism and scientific research, which is present both in our operation and in the relationship with research groups from the Mamirauá Institute - MISD and other partners that work in the region.

When you visit Mamirauá Reserve, you will immediately notice this: we are always receiving visits from scientists and researchers from all over Brazil and the world, who use our infrastructure to support field activities in our region. In addition, we pass by floating research units of the MISD and other partners such as the National Institute for Research in the Amazon - INPA.

These are the researchers who will present to all our visitors part of the studies they carry out in the region: they will introduce you to a little about the species they are researching, the research objectives and its importance for the conservation of local fauna and flora. Pink dolphins, tucuxis, jaguars, alligators, fish... there will always be a group of researchers at Uakari Lodge for you to meet and interact with.

In addition to these interactions there are two other programs we offer that bring science to the center, and you become a scientist for a few days.

One of them is the "Jaguar Expedition", which takes place annually between May and June. Here the experience is entirely conducted by researchers from the IDSM Iauaretê Project, which has been researching the behavior of this feline for many years in the region. In addition to having the opportunity to socialize with these researchers (and eventually even observe jaguars in the treetops!), you will learn to perform classic research activities, such as analyzing jaguar blood samples under a microscope, study the fur of the animals, to understand in more depth the hunting habits of the species... all this in a program of 04 nights.

In addition to the Jaguar Expedition, which has been taking place here for a few years, this year we started operating "In the Footprints of Henry Bates". In this expedition we retrace the steps of the British naturalist who gives the program its name, who was here in the mid-19th century and is of enormous importance for the development of future scientific research throughout the Amazon region.

Over 05 nights you will go through the same paths that Henry Bates did, and our history flows into Tefé (where we spent 01 full day!) and Mamirauá Institute, visiting their laboratories and historical settlement.


Got interested? Contact us and we will organize your scientific expedition to the Amazon in 2022 :-) you get to know this immense biome, have fun learning and support the conservation of local biodiversity.


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