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3 steps to discover Uakari Lodge in 2024

We started the year 2024 by defining our goals, with these tips, traveling to Uakari Lodge becomes much more real.

prédios sendo construídos em meio a floresta tropical

Photo: Gui Gomes.

The end of year festivities arrive and with it we begin to define our goals for the following year. It's a great way to make our dreams come true.

With these three tips you will realize that visiting Uakari Lodge is possible!

1 - Where are we?

What makes visiting Uakari Lodge such a special moment is the fact that we are located in a very (very!) remote location: right in the heart of the Amazon.

Uakari Lodge is located in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, a complex ecosystem of lakes, lagoons, islands, restingas, chavascais, paranás and many other specific brazilian formations, which remains seven to 15 meters underwater for six months of the year.

The diversity of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, which live in the seasonal variation of drought and flood, is decisive for flora and fauna - which has made local communities adapt years ago, managing to sustain themselves over the years.

Our services begin and/or end with the arrivals and departures of Azul airlines connecting Manaus to Tefé - this city is our gateway.

Still at Tefé Airport, our team welcomes you and transfers you to the city's port, where we will embark for a 1h30min trip up the Solimões River in one of our comfortable speedboats.

2 - As estações 

The Amazon rainforest has a unique dynamic nature - which directly affects its climate. The Amazon River watershed allows for a variety of landscapes and ecosystems, which include humid tropical forests, flooded forests or floodplains, savannas and an intricate network of rivers, lakes and streams.

The water cycle allows for two well-defined seasons: drought and flood, being a determining factor in the natural and social daily life here, defining what adaptations will be made so that life continues normally.

So when is the best time to travel to Uakari Lodge?

We believe that there is no specific season to come, it is you who will understand what suits you best :)

During the “flood season” (or “cheia”, in summer - usually between December and May), you feel immersed in the forest. Known as “igapós”, water levels are close to the tree tops. The main means of transportation between our experiences is by canoes.

In May the forest is at its peak, the jaguars appear, as they stay in the only parts of dry land: on top of the trees.

During the “dry season”, as the river level drops, the sandbanks become visible, which will result in freshwater beaches. Instead of canoe trips, we take trails.

Oh! Even during the drought you will see rain here ;)

You can see the strategic beauty of the drought, as well as navigate the forest!

3 - What to take?

Knowing which period you identify with most, don't forget to reserve the days you want to come to Uakari Lodge and prepare your backpack with these tips:

Basic Materials:

  • Binoculars;

  • Raincoat;

  • Sunscreen;

  • Repellent;

  • Sunglasses;

  • Hat or cap;

  • waterproof bag (so you can keep your belongings dry while it rains in the rainforest :-P)

What is the appropriate clothing?

Don't forget: it is suggested that hiking clothes for the trails be in neutral tones - like beige and green leaf.

Come with the peace of mind that you know it will be a unique experience that is prepared carefully for you!

See you soon ;)


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