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There are many Amazons in one and Uakari Lodge now helps you to discover others

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

In our newest program you get to know waterfalls, look for unusual foods in the forest - all this hundreds of kilometers from Mamirauá

The Amazon is huge! Every hundred kilometers we travel, we find new landscapes that are represented by communities of different cultures, different eating habits, other animals and plants... everything can change depending on where we are in what is the largest tropical biome on the planet.

For the traveler, this wide variety of settings makes choosing a single destination to visit very challenging. We at Uakari Lodge always feel very grateful for everyone who faced with so many possibilities, ends up choosing Mamirauá as their final travel destination! In fact, our floodplain forest with abundant fauna and our pioneering work in community-based tourism are sufficient reasons for the great demand from tourists from all over the world.

But we always wanted our visitors to be able to see other Amazonian landscapes as well as to understand how diverse this biome is. Throughout our more than 20 years of operation, we have always looked for a partner that has the same philosophy of action - tourism as a strategy for the conservation of biodiversity and local socioeconomic development.

That's how we created our new program at Uakari Lodge, in partnership with Amazon Emotions, located near Presidente Figueiredo, a region known for its abundance of waterfalls and unique relief landscapes for the Amazon.

During 01 week the traveler will leave Manaus, capital of the state, towards Amazon Emotions, where he will be received by the owner and manager of the lodge, Vanessa Mariño. During this period you will feel at home - but in an environment full of unforgettable experiences such as bathing in waterfalls, food experiences that you will not have anywhere else among so many other experiences and stories.

After 03 nights we went to Manaus airport, where we boarded for Tefé in a 01 hour flight. Upon arrival in the city, our team will welcome you to continue our great Amazon expedition, now heading to the Mamirauá Reserve.

The novelties of this program do not stop there: in both destinations you will have exclusive experiences that may vary according to the season or interest, such as jungle camps, cooking workshops, community experiences, etc.

Interested in this Amazonian tour and want to go further? Amazon Emotions is responsible for operating the unprecedented expedition to Pico da Neblina, the highest point in Brazilian territory and a sacred spot for local indigenous communities.

Got interested? Contact us and book this unforgettable trip through the Brazilian Amazon right now.


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