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Carnival with Nature

Carnival is also a time for reconnection. Discover some experiences at Uakari Lodge that will bring you closer to the Amazon and provide a revelry of sensations.

The colorful clothes, the glitter on the face, costumes, lots of music, dancing people. This is how Carnival arrives!

There are those who like to take advantage of this season to celebrate in a different way: with lots of greenery, the sounds of birds, water running or hitting stones and shells, calmly, the smell of the forest, I breathe.

This article is for anyone who is a nature reveler. For those who see their downtime as a valuable time to reconnect!

Discover some of the experiences at Uakari Lodge, which bring the most diverse and positive sensations possible:

3 nights:

Observe the scenic beauty of the Amazonian floodplain, the fauna on the trails (covered in rowing canoes when the forest is flooded and on foot at the peak of the drought), take boat trips on the river channels and on the Mamirauá lake and get to know how the riverside people live. Learn from lectures by ecotourism counselors, researchers and socializing with the lodge staff."

This experience is for those who want to discover the Amazon in peace. Regular programs include experiences that vary according to the time of year visited.

Birdwacthing Tour

“The unique characteristics of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, an immense area of protected lowland flooded forest, make it an intriguing place for bird watching. Currently we have 377 species of this group cataloged in the Ecotourism Special Zone of Mamirauá Reserve, many typical of this type of ecosystem.”

Birdwatching has become a leisure activity to rest your eyes on the beauty of the different existing species. It requires concentration and little movement, allowing you to feel, at the end of the experience, disconnection from accelerated thinking and renewed energy. Our special programs include private boats and expert guides, flexible schedules and tours, and a bottle of wine per night.

Uakari Lodge + Amazon Emotions

“The Amazon is a giant and diverse biome. It has Terra Firme (upland) forests and Flooded Forests. It has waterfalls and a plain where the horizon is lost. There are communities that are predominantly agricultural and there are communities where fishing predominates."

There is a hotel above the treetops and a hotel that floats on a river curve. When choosing this experience you do not need to decide on one of the options of each sentence, as you will know not one, but two incredible and very different places in the Amazon!

For adventurers looking to discover the diversity of the landscape and fauna, this experience provides an Amazon immersion.

Check our website for other experiences and possibilities for activities that fit your eco-revelry style!


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