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2022 is here and it's time to plan your trip to the Amazon!

Amazon, conservation and sustainability, community-based tourism... you have plenty of reasons to visit Uakari Lodge in 2022

Wow! We are in 2022. The last two years have been very intense and challenging here at Uakari Lodge and the reasons are obvious. We lived through a pandemic and we kept our teams safe and healthy; we kept our structure closed for exactly 18 months without financial loss to any employee, we reformed our entire infrastructure and started operating our two new programs (In the Footsteps of Henry Bates and Amazon Emotions + Uakari Lodge)... a lot has happened here in recent times and everything that happened was to receive you even better this year!

Our activities continued in the press at this time: we were the subject of reports in the newspapers O Globo and Folha de São Paulo, in the website Metrópole and in several international websites such as Expresso, from Spain.

Not a surprise, right? What we've been doing here for over 20 years is now the big trend in global travel: responsible tourism in remote and well-preserved areas, slow travel, immersion with local communities... we have everything the post-vaccine traveler is looking for after so much isolation time.

We also have original programs that you won't find in any other Amazon destination, such as the Food Safari - an incredible gastronomic experience - and the Jaguar Expedition, in which you will become a jaguar research assistant in the company of some of the most important researchers of this species in Brazil.

Well, everything you need to know to visit us is listed here - there are 5 simple steps you need to follow and that's it! Our reservations team is on hand and ready to resolve any queries you may have. You can contact WhatsApp from the QR Code below.


Credits: Gui Gomes


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